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Urgent Care at Peachtree is Keeping the Atlanta Silverbacks on the Ball

(Atlanta, GA) March 31, 2014 – Urgent Care at Peachtree, Atlanta’s only After Hours Urgent Care solidifies its partnership with Atlanta’s Professional Soccer team by providing medical staff on the field and Urgent Care off the field.

Dr. Anthony Ferrara, one of the ER doctor owners of Urgent Care at Peachtree, is proud to announce their partnership with the Atlanta Silverbacks to provide comprehensive medical care to the players both on and off the field. Dr. Ferrara, an avid soccer player and fan, will serve as team physician for the Silverbacks. Dr. Ferrara has served as team physician for the last four years, helping the team with all of its medical needs. “I grew up with soccer. It is totally in my blood, so I am always very excited to be on the field with the Silverbacks and watching the action up close,” said Dr. Ferrara. “I know all too well the kinds of injuries that result from the fast play in soccer, and with Urgent Care at Peachtree being open from 6pm to 11pm every night, we can easily diagnose and treat those injuries and get the players back in the game fast.” Urgent Care at Peachtree is the Metro Atlanta area’s only Urgent Care that is open after hours when other urgent care centers are closed.

In addition, Urgent Care at Peachtree is one of the few Urgent Care centers that is owned and operated by local ER Doctors. So, patients with urgent medical needs can see an ER Doctor without the expense and time usually endured by going to the ER. Dr. Ferrara commented, “We have x-ray and lab facilities onsite to diagnose and treat all types of injuries and illnesses. We also have close affiliations with physicians who specialize in sports injuries so we can get a patient to see a specialist quicker and on the road to recovery sooner.”

Atlanta Silverbacks Technical Director, Eric Wynalda, expressed his appreciation for the partnership, “Many teams only have their medical staff there on game days, but we frequently have Urgent Care at Peachtree staff on hand at our practices during the week. Keeping our players healthy is something Dr. Ferrara and his staff take very seriously.” Silverbacks President & General Manager, Andy Smith, echoed Wynalda by saying, “Dr. Ferrara has been taking care of our medical needs for several years now, and no matter what the issue has been, he has always been on call 24/7 to help us,” Smith said. “He truly cares about the health of our players and it shows in his work. The support that he and his staff provide us is paramount to our success on the field.”

Silverbacks owner, Boris Jerkunica, met Dr. Ferrara when they both attended Emory University and played on the Emory Soccer team together. “I know firsthand of Anthony’s long-time commitment to soccer and medicine. I think partnering with him and his medical staff at Urgent Care at Peachtree is a win-win for the Atlanta Silverbacks,” says Jerkunica.

Michele Melamed, a medical student, has been assisting Dr. Ferrara with the Atlanta Silverbacks for the last three years. “Working with the Silverbacks has given me a unique opportunity to exercise my love for medicine and sports in one arena,” says Melamed.

Dr. Ferrara has also traveled with the US Women’s National Soccer team as their team physician and is the team physician for Georgia State University Athletics. A graduate of University of Colorado School of Medicine, Dr. Ferrara is also a board examiner for the American College of Emergency Physicians.