We are experiencing high call volumes due to the COVID pandemic, we ask that you please be patient. You may also reach us at erdr@atlantaurgentcare.com.

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Emergency Case

If you need a doctor urgently outside of medicenter opening hours.
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Self Pay Pricing

Our affordable pricing for self-pay patients are listed below so you know what to expect when you come to our urgent care facilities.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between emergency room care and primary care doctors. We understand that many acute illnesses and injuries are painful or worrisome, but it is often hard to get a last-minute appointment with your primary care doctor. If you choose to go to the ER you may have to deal with long wait times and high costs.

Basic Urgent Care - $130

Clinical visit + 1 in house lab

(In house labs include: strep test, urine test, pregnancy test, flu test, mono)
(Additional $10 for each additional in house lab or urine/throat culture).

Intermediate Urgent Care - $160

Basic Visit, plus one of these:

  • 1 X-ray
  • 1 Shot (antibiotic or steroid)
  • Breathing Treatment for asthma
  • Tetanus Shot
  • EKG
  • Ear Irrigation
  • Eye testing/treatment
  • Splinting
  • Basic burn treatment
  • 2 blood tests (CBC, CMP, CPK, CRP, HCG Quan, Lipase, Lipid, Hem A1C, Sed Rate, PSA, TSH, Fasting glucose, etc.)
  • (Additional $10 for each additional blood test)

Advanced Urgent Care - $200

Intermediate Visit, plus:

  • Laceration repair
  • IV Fluids
  • 2 or more X-Rays
  • 2 Shots
  • EKG & Chest X-ray
  • Complicated burn treatment
  • Foreign body removal

STD Testing

  • Gonorrhea & Chlamydia testing  (w/ or w/o treatment) – $200
  • Wetprep - $200
  • Gonorrhea, Chlamydia (w/ or w/o treatment) and Wetprep - $245
  • HIV - $200
  • Syphilis - $160
  • Hepatitis A - $155
  • Hepatitis B - $155
  • Hepatitis C - $155
  • Hepatitis Panel (A, B, & C) - $190
  • STD Panel 1: Gonorrhea, Chlamydia (w/ or w/o treatment), HIV, & Syphilis RPR - $250
  • STD Panel 2: STD Panel 1 + Hep A, B, & C - $285

Call or walk in today for more information. Still not sure? Read patient reviews.