Due to public health concerns, if you have any symptoms of a cold, the flu, fever, cough, or sore throat we cannot see you at our office. For your convenience, we have created an affordable telemedicine service to properly diagnose you. Please give us a call and you will be connected with one of our urgent care doctors.
We are also offering COVID-19 drive thru testing facilities with next-day results!

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Emergency Case

If you need a doctor urgently outside of medicenter opening hours.
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Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Drive Thru Testing

COVID Drive Thru With Next-Day Test Results!

Atlanta Urgent Care is now providing drive thru testing for COVID-19, with results coming in the following day. The nose is swabbed and the specimen is sent to a lab. Stay home until you have results with instructions.

For assessment of symptoms and next-step direction, set up a virtual visit with a medical professional through Atlanta Urgent Care's telemedicine services. Registering for a telemedicine or clinic visit does not guarantee testing will be performed. Patients coming to a Atlanta Urgent Care clinic must call upon arrival in the parking lot to check in for a visit.

To make a virtual appointment with a medical provider from home, call your nearest location. The number for our Druid Hills Office is (678) 805-7981 and our Peachtree Office is (678) 805-7425.

What do my viral test results mean for me?

If you are told you have a positive viral test, most likely you currently have an active COVID-19 infection and you can give the virus to others. Follow instructions from your provider about isolation and when you can leave home.

If you are told you have a negative viral test, most likely you do NOT currently have an active COVID-19 infection. However, there is a small possibility the result is a false negative. Continue taking steps to protect yourself and prevent spread of the virus.

For further guidance and recommendations on test results, click here.

For more information and guidance, here are some helpful documents:

Guidance for Caregivers

Guidance for Home Isolation

Guidance for Close Contacts

Call or walk in today for more information. Still not sure? Read patient reviews.

Now Offering Telemedicine & Virtual Visits

Due to current health concerns, if you have fever and/or cold symptoms within the last 14 days (for example: fever, cough, runny nose, sneezing, body aches, shortness of breath, etc.) you will need to be seen by a doctor using a telemedicine virtual visit.

Most insurance companies are now covering telemedicine options.

Peachtree Location:
(678) 805-7425
Druid Hills Location:
(678) 805-7981